About Us

How it all started and continued

The idea for the Bon Tuk took shape in 2011. The founders were looking for opportunities to start a business on Bonaire. They agreed that Bonaire, with its pleasant climate, was very suitable for open vehicles.

Januari 2015 we (Lara Abbink & Helene Knoester) are the new owners of Bon Tuk and are happy to pick up where they left off. We believe in emission free transportation specially on a small Island like Bonaire where preservation of its flora and fauna is priority #1 !

The Tuk Tuk is our way to show everybody the beauty and hidden treasures of the Island silent and emission free.

The vehicles where made in Thailand and in the Netherlands they where fitted with an electric motor and then exported to the Caribbean.

We offer all kinds of tours and our goal is to use local guides so they can tell visitors about their culture and history. We want to offer tourists the opportunity to explore the Island in a clean and environmentally friendly way by using a ‘green’ vehicle. 

This way Bon Tuk's will contribute to Bonaire’s sustainable growth.

Bon Tuk Bonaire

The Bon Tuk

The Dutch company Tuk Tuk Factory developed the first fully electric-powered, emission free Tuk Tuk . The Tuk Tuk is named after the sound they made, the 'toektoek' of a two-cycle engine. Originally this piece of nostalgia was a  polluting gas burning mini taxi that now has an ultra-quiet electric motor. 

Our vehicles have a range of about 60 kilometers and can reach speeds of 50 kilometers per hour. They meet the highest European standards and are equipped with seatbelts. The speed of the traffic on Bonaire is generally low, so the Tuk Tuk's can keep up easy with the traffic flow. 

Due to charging time, we have a limited number of tours per day, so we recommend you to book in advance!