Dushi Bonaire

Pearl of the Dutch Caribbean

Bonaire is a nice (dushi) small island in the Caribbean Sea.

Altough the size, the island offers you great opportunities. There are many places to snorkel or dive right from the beach without the need to rent a boat. You can experience great eco adventures or just enjoy the relaxed way of life on the island.

The island is boomerang-shaped en its 24 miles long by 5 to 8 miles wide.

The population is 18.500 people and there is a rich mixture of several cultures. Most of them are living in the biggest town on the island called Kralendijk.

The first people to enter Bonaire were the Caquetto’s, a tribe of the Arawak Indians from Venezuela, approximately around 1300 AD. In 1499 the island was claimed by the Spanish before the Dutch took over in 1636. At the end of de 17st century they brought African slaves to Bonaire to work for them. Today’s populations with over 80 nationalities is a direct result of this period.

Bonaire has a small, but lively economy. The main part of the labour force is working in tourism. Year after year Bonaire is rated as global top dive destination. Over 80 dive spots are making Bonaire every divers dream! But also when you’re not a diver Bonaire is a paradise destination. The flora and fauna eastern mangroves are called the nursery of the reef, because of the role they play in the balance of the eco system.

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Klein Bonaire