North Tour

Discover Rincon and Gotomeer

We pursue a goal of giving tourists a memorable, enjoyable and educative time in beautiful North of Bonaire, while ensuring that we minimize the impact on the delicate natural environment. We start the tour with an amazing ride along the coastline towards the Gotomeer, that offers a beautiful scenery from the roads around the lake opens a nice view on the lake with its small islands and nearly pristine nature around it.

After that we’ll visit Rincon the oldest settlement of Bonaire and the cradle of Bonaire Bonaire's rich culture. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday we have the possibility to see how the Caddushi liqueur is made at the distillery in the village. If you wish we can stop at a local restaurant for a nice lunch. 

This tour takes +/- 2 to 2,5 hours. Free water included, other drinks are available on board!

Costs for this tour starting at $150,- per Tuk Tuk (max 4 people (*)

(* Because of the hills on this route both Tuk & Big Tuk can accomodate 4 adults and 2 children or 3 adults and 4 children) 

In total we can accomodate 16 people.

If you want to know more about this tour please feel free to contact us by mail of phone !